JPEG vs. Raw

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  1.  The main difference between JPEG and Raw images are the files size.
  2. Raw files are bigger than JPEG files because it contains a bigger amount of the image data.
  3. Yes you can turn Raw image files into a JPEG file. You can do this by opening it in photoshop and exporting it as a JPEG.
  4. It depends if you shoot an important event in Raw or JPEG. Raw images have more information to work with but requires more time to work on. But if you need to get photos done faster, JPEGs are faster to work with. But for better photos, Raw files are better.

Talking to Myself

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15 things that spark creativity are: being happy, working, dreaming, smiling, laughing, relaxing, sitting in silence, music, being adventurous, partying, discovering new things, thinking of old memories, talking with friends, and create different ideas.

Pop Art

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  1. Pop art is a style of art based on simple, bold images of everyday items that are put into bright colors that pop.
  2. This artist’s work is considered pop art because he uses lips that everyone has and put 4 pictures of the same one together but in different bright colors.
  3. The artist’s, Andy Warhol, work could be described as flat with graphical quality, bright, and contrasty.
  4. I chose Andy Warhol because he is considered the father of pop art and i enjoy looking at his work. He has really good work that he created from simple things.

Body Shape Form

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I would describe this photo as: monochromatic, subtle, calm, soft, has character, simple, bold, real, clean, and relaxed.


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Some inventions that changed photography are: Camera Obscura, Dry Plates, and Flexible Roll Film.

Alphabet Photography

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5 things I’ve learned in this class are:

  • How to use a camera
  • How to use manual mode on a camera
  • How to edit my photos in photoshop and lightroom
  • How to use Tuscan lighting in the studio
  • How to create depth of field in images


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Studio Portraits

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Lighting Breakdown: Three-Light Setup in Studio | Fstoppers

I would describe this image as: clean, bold, contrasty, subtle, soft, calm, simple, unique, pure, appealing, balanced, relaxed, happy, energetic, cheerful, exciting, gentle, attractive, vivid, interesting, blurred, bright, deep, odd, and pleasant.

Word Art

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Self Portrait

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I would describe myself as: truthful, cool, funny, hard-working, relaxed, humble, calm, energetic, loyal, weird, bold, competitive, polite, smart, sociable, friendly, confident, mature, easygoing, patient, peaceful, trusting, understanding, skillful, and tough.

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